Watch your favorite content with hbomax teleparty

In Watch party extension you can explore a wide range of content in HBO Max. You can watch them all with your family and friends. The best part is you can even invite to watch hbo max with friends. With its, amazing features you can chat or do audio/video calls while having your showtime. Save your fun memories and share the excitement of watching shows together.


Enjoy yourself in endless streaming

You can explore endless movies and series from multiple OTT platforms. With this extension, have the best time together.


HD Time Sync

It is a very simple and quick process, it’s just you need to log in and activate it. You can also invite your friends and family to it. With this browser extension, you can watch movies and series together and share all your moments at the same time. You can even make a call while watching a movie.

Explore the variety of shows on HBO Max

In this extension, you can explore different varieties of TV shows, movies, and series. It has exciting features including chat, audio, and video calls. So, unite with your friends and family and watch your favorite shows with them. While watching a series, you can create your own watching room and share your feelings from your comfort zone.


How does it work?

This is an amazing tool for uninterrupted binge watch. It’s just you have to download and install the extension. You can customize your user icon and invite your dear ones to start the party. While streaming a movie, you can chat or do audio/ video calls. The fun part is you can also enjoy synchronized streaming of shows and movies from which you can watch with your family and friends. It also provides high-quality streaming and a seamless way to enjoy content together from the comfort of your own space.

How to join HBO Max on your browser


Firstly, go to your browser and install the extension

After installing it, activate your valid account, then you can receive or send the invitation to your family and friends


Click on the link or simply enter the code

Join the party


Interact with them via chat, audio calls, and video calls

NOTE : To enjoy unlimited streaming, it’s just you need to have a valid subscription to your streaming account, where the content is available.

About HBO Max watch party

It is an extension that allows it’s valid subscribers to view movies and TV shows together in real time with friends and family. It enables synchronized playback, so everyone in the party sees the same scenes simultaneously. Users can also interact through a built-in hbomax chat feature and can also make audio and video calls while streaming a series, adding to the social experience. The Party feature enhances the enjoyment of streaming by creating a shared viewing experience, even when viewers are in different locations. The best part is that you can group watch hbo max.

To use this extension, make sure you have an active subscription. It has features including chat, audio, and video calls. So, select your favorite content and start enjoying the fun of synchronized streaming with your friends and family.

In comparison to teleparty extension, it has the best features to have a wonderful viewing experience.



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